It may seem like an obvious thing to say, but to win the trust of the public, you must behave and speak in a trustworthy manner. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his associates in the public health establishment have done anything but this, and the consequences of their perfidy are finally bearing some major fruit.

An increasing number of people are refusing to take the new Wuhan virus vaccine.

A Carnival of Nonsense

Our leaders haven’t exactly endeared themselves to the public in the wake of this pandemic. Not only have they imposed extraordinarily harsh lockdown measures on large segments of the population — measures that have not only lain waste to enormous numbers of small businesses but that have also driven thousands into despair, drug addiction, and suicide — but the lockdown measures themselves appear to have been of dubious efficacy in controlling the spread of the virus.

According to a roundup of data made by National Review, the severity of lockdowns seems to have made no difference to the virus’ spread. This has been shown in state after state in the US and in country after country. In particular, Sweden, which had virtually no lockdown and did not close schools, had a death rate per capita from COVID-19 that was about equal to the United States.

It’s bad enough that many of our leaders seem to have been wrong about how to deal with this virus. Perhaps even worse, they have often used the opportunities afforded by the pandemic to say and do some shockingly stupid — even borderline criminal — things. Fauci has been photographed at baseball games without a mask, despite demanding that everyone else wear them. He has strongly disapproved of large familial holiday gatherings but has said that meeting strangers for sex or engaging in violent riots is appropriate.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has the blood of approximately 12,000 seniors on his hands since it was his nursing home policies that placed them at risk of death from COVID-19. But ever keen to outdo himself, he recently said that drug addicts — not the seniors who are truly at highest risk — should be first on the list of those to receive the vaccine.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been photographed in a crowded upscale restaurant, despite prohibiting many of the residents of his state from eating out. Nancy Pelosi has gone to a hair salon without a mask. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband used his wife’s authority to skirt around restrictions. The hypocrisy is simply endless.

Skeptics in Surprising Places

Given blatant and absurd hypocrisy, lying, and mismanagement of this kind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that large numbers of people are refusing to trust the safety and efficacy of the new vaccines.

In Ohio alone, as much as 60% of nursing home staff are refusing to take it. Among nursing home residents — who are among the most at risk for serious complications from the virus — anywhere from 25% to 80% are fusing to be vaccinated.

With leaders who so egregiously abuse their power and who hold them in such blatant contempt, who can blame ordinary people for refusing to trust a vaccine that this same corrupt leadership orders them to take?

Questions About the Vaccines

Even though the Pfizer vaccine, for example, has been touted as 95% effective, there are some questions about how this number was arrived at. The trial that produced the number involved only 170 people, 162 of which were in the placebo group, meaning that they did not even receive the vaccine. It was still inferred, however, that the vaccine prevented 154 of these 162 people from developing the virus, which is how the 95% figure was concocted.

As even the British Medical Journal points out, this is only a relative risk reduction, not an absolute one.

On top of all this, the vaccines were developed with such speed that there has been no time to properly ascertain their long-term effects.

Again, can anyone blame people for being skeptical? And what happens if only 40% to 50% of people end up agreeing to be vaccinated?