Another day, another display of absurd and gratuitous sadism from government officials. Sheriffs in L.A. County and their superiors have apparently decided that the millstone placed around the collective necks of their citizens is just not heavy enough.

Despite already groaning under the weight of some of the harshest lockdown restrictions in the country, still more people in LA must be arrested for doing totally innocent things.

That, apparently, is why 900 people in L.A. County have been detained and 90 have been either arrested or issued citations.

Their crime? An unquestionably heinous one.

These vile enemies of society had the gall to … hold parties on New Year’s Eve.

Leaders Drunk With Power Doing Whatever They Want

An organization within the L.A. County Sheriff Department bearing the exceptionally creepy title of the Superspreader Task Force shut down five New Year’s Eve parties across its jurisdiction. This brave and completely selfless mission, which is totally not about accruing more power for the political class, resulted in six guns being seized in addition to the 900 detainments and 90 arrests and citations already mentioned.

Something like this should inspire fury, but a string of similar incidents throughout 2020 has no doubt inured people from feeling surprised at how petty their leaders can be.

After all, it was California that demanded in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving that people not meet together for more than two hours at a time and that they not be allowed to chant or sing.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, of course, was entirely allowed to go to swanky restaurants and be surrounded by people right as such orders were being promulgated.

New York was no better. Though people were banned from congregating in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was happy to dance the night away with his wife in that very place.

Now that a new and more virulent strain of COVID-19 has been discovered in California, you can expect things to get worse. You can expect political leaders and the police who carry out their orders to become more vindictive—all to keep you safe, of course.

It’s hard to know whether Orwell or Kafka would be more impressed by this spectacle.

Fight for Our Right to Party

It’s slightly absurd to imagine people truly and literally needing to fight for their right to party, but it seems that that’s what we’ve come to. Anyone still telling himself that government officials are imposing lockdown measures purely for the good and the health of people is willfully deluding himself.

The citizens of L.A.—or of any other city—will not regain the right to go about their lives and be treated like human beings again until they forcefully demand that that right be returned to them. We will all receive as much tyranny as we are willing to tolerate.

We have to fight for our right to run our businesses, earn our livelihoods, go where we please, live our lives—and yes—to party. Otherwise, we may never be able to.