The Moderna vaccine, which originates from the United States, has been ordered to cancel and stop any doses that are due to be administered in California, after reports of several people having severe allergic reactions after taking the vaccine.

Health officials for the state of California have ordered a state-wide pause of the Moderna vaccine after a group of patients in a local clinic were said to have experienced an allergic reaction to the dose.

It has been widely reported that under 10 people required medical treatment for a severe reaction.

The Moderna Rollout

The rollout of the US-made Moderna vaccine has been somewhat of a success.

From the set that California has ordered to be paused, Moderna stated that 37 states received doses from that batch, with 330,000 going to the state of California.

A total of 1.2million doses were shipped out from this particular batch.

The California state epidemiologist Dr Erica Pansent, who issued the halt order, stated that the 330,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine were quickly distributed to 287 providers across the state, who were then given the order to begin the rollout immediately.

Dr Pansent stated the “goal is to provide the COVID vaccine safely, swiftly and equitably”, before going on to confirm reports of a “higher than usual” number of patients having an allergic reaction.

Moderna claimed in a statement that it is very likely the majority of the 1.2million doses shipped between Jan 5th and Jan 12th had been used.

The Effects of Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed, the official codename given to the vaccination programme by the Trump Administration, has resulted in the fastest vaccination scheme in American history, with records set in vaccine development, testing and approval.

However, the pace of the vaccine rollout has caused many Americans to doubt the safety of taking a dose.

Throughout many major states such as California, Texas, Ohio and New York, frontline workers express their scepticism of the programme by refusing to take the vaccine once offered.

The Governor for Ohio, Mike DeWine, has stated that around 60% of nursing staff have refused to accept a vaccine, despite the fact that they are in close contact with vulnerable people every day.

Similarly, reports from New York City suggest that around half of emergency service workers have also refused to take a vaccine.

This comes as the CDC released a statement to calm the public, saying that only 1 in 100,000 recipients of the Moderna vaccine had an adverse reaction.