Conservatives have long ridiculed identity politics, and the fact that it reduces everyone to nothing but a set of identity categories, as a joke.

But as one of Joe Biden’s recent cabinet nominations shows, even hilariously absurd ideologies can have horrific consequences if the people who believe in them are allowed to have power.

A Health Official Chosen Purely for Being Transgendered

On Tuesday, January 19, Biden announced his decision to nominate Rachel Levine as his Assistant Secretary of Health. Rachel Levine was born Richard Levine and is a biological male despite insisting that he is female.

This in itself need not necessarily be a problem, but as recent history in everything from Hollywood movies to presidential running mate choices shows us, the elite classes in the Western World are today almost entirely lost in the thrall of critical race theory, intersectionality, and other trendy left-wing ideologies.

According to these ideologies, things like objective merit, achievement, and the competence to perform a job do not matter. Indeed, adherents to these ideologies will tell us with straight faces that such concepts as “merit” were only invented to marginalize certain groups of people. As such, the only things that truly matter when selecting someone for a job or other important position are the identity categories that the candidate belongs to. According to this line of thinking, by placing people from a broad range of identity categories into powerful positions, societies’ important institutions will operate according to a broad range of perspectives — and this, it is assumed, will automatically make things better.

The obvious problem with this ideology demands that you give people who check all of the right identity boxes power, even if those people are manifestly unfit to wield it.

And that’s precisely what we see with Rachel Levine.

A Ghastly Record

Levine used to be the Pennsylvania Health Secretary. His record in that job, to put it mildly, was abysmal.

He faced furious criticism over his decision to remove his own mother from long-term care facilities in the state, despite ordering those facilities to admit people who had already tested positive for COVID-19.

Elderly people are well-known to be among those at the highest risk of death from the disease. This very same nursing home policy was followed in New York, and with similarly disastrous results.

Hypocrisy, however, is the least of Levine’s sins. Much worse is the fact that he has blood on his hands. Investigations have shown that at least 10,022 of Pennsylvania’s 19,390 COVID-19 deaths can be traced back to his nursing home policy. That’s more than half of the state’s total.

Things were so bad that many Pennsylvania lawmakers demanded his resignation back when he was still an official there.

Total Capitulation to Identity Politics

If all of these things weigh against appointing Levine to be the Assistant Secretary of Health, what weighs in his favor? Merely the fact that he is transgendered. There is absolutely no other discernible reason why he may have been chosen for that position.

By choosing Levine, Biden is pandering to the far-left portion of his base. If Pennsylvania is any indication of what the country may be slated to suffer, we’re in for a bumpy ride.