It did not take newly elected President Joe Biden long to breach one of the orders he enacted.

On Wednesday, Biden was seen taking part in a visit at the Lincoln Memorial without a mask on his face.

This move contradicts the universal mask mandate that Biden introduced several days ago to combat the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Biden promulgated the introduction of the new policy with a tweet in which he said that wearing a mask is not a partisan issue but rather a patriotic measure that was taken to save numerous lives.

Introduced the policy, now he breaks it himself

According to the mandate, every American is required to wear a mask or other sort of facial covering on any federal property, including federal lands and offices.

The policy involves other measures such as requiring mask-wearing during any interstate travel.

In addition to that, the mandate encourages the individual states to institute similar orders.

Just hours following the signing of an order, the U.S. president was photographed without a mask.

During his speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Biden gave his mask to his wife Jill Biden, delivering the speech barefaced.

Other members of Biden’s family, including his daughter Ashley and his grandchildren, were also photographed without any facial covering.

Biden: Trump is a fool for not wearing a mask in public

It is interesting how Biden, who used to be one of the main critics of Former President Trump’s behavior regarding mask-wearing, now fails to act according to his proclaimed values.

Biden even managed to call Trump an “absolute fool” for his refusal to wear a mask during his public appearances.

Now, he avoids wearing a mask himself.

An introduction of a universal mask mandate was one of the policies Biden launched during the first days of his term.

Others include rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, lift on a ban that prohibits people from certain Muslim countries from entering the U.S., and joining the international COVAX facility aimed at delivering coronavirus vaccines to the poorer countries.

Most of these policies involve retractions from those introduced during the term of Former President Trump.

It remains to be seen whether Biden will behave more consistently regarding these policies than he behaved concerning the universal mask mandate.