Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced a new set of rules about the Covid-19 crisis that should ensure progress for the US in the near future.

The new President signed several executive orders and directives in which he exposed strategy to fight the coronavirus pandemic, addressing it as “full-scale, wartime”.

Biden was clear when stating that people must realize that the situation will probably get terrible before it becomes better.

He wanted to remind the public that not every generation has to deal with something as difficult as this situation we have today, and explained that “more is asked” of this generation and people today, than in some other times.

The years of struggle with this pandemic will go down in history, and as president Biden said, “history is going to measure whether we were up to the task”.

99 Days of masks

In light of those words, Biden started signing documents and regulations regarding rules on how to behave during the coronavirus pandemic.

He appealed to the citizens to wear masks for the next 99 days, calling it their duty as well as a patriotic act.

The masks will also be mandatory when traveling from one state to another.

Also, all the passengers arriving to the US from other countries will have to quarantine immediately upon their arrival.

The masks are required on all planes, trains, and buses.

President Biden also promised free vaccines for 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of his term at the office.

100 million vaccines in 100 days

Some experts claim that Biden’s plan could be too optimistic in some parts, and lacking ambition in others.

Biden is criticized that the goal he set for the first 100 days is low, considering that there will be 200 million doses available at that time.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Association who worked under Donald Trump claims that the goal can be reached, even exceeded.

Dr. Gottlieb emphasized the importance of the next step, which is to determine who is being vaccinated for the first time.

According to Dr. Gottlieb, Pfizer and Moderna already approved their vaccines and Johnson & Johnson are expected to do the same soon.