Throughout the COVID crisis, arch-bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci has consistently displayed far more Machiavellian cunning than scientific acumen. A mere two days after Joe Biden’s inauguration, he decided to announce that COVID is “starting to plateau.”

Fauci has already been caught lying to the public about the nature of COVID on too many occasions to count. He’s been caught conflating infection fatality rate with the case fatality rate — a key distinction if we are to ascertain COVID’s true deadliness. He’s been caught admitting that PCR tests beyond a certain cycle threshold are useless for determining COIVD infection because they produce an enormous amount of false positives.

He has clearly been using his own authority to scare people into thinking that COVID is deadlier than it is and into accepting lockdown measures when there is no evidence that they work to prevent the spread of diseases.

And yet, the mainstream media continues to laud him as part scientific genius, part saint.

The Real “Cure” for COVID

Fauci isn’t the only one to have made conveniently timed statements like this of late.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, the iron-fisted thug whose draconian lockdown measures have spawned multiple attempts to recall her, is also suddenly singing a different tune now that Biden is president. She announced that beginning on Feb. 1, restaurants in Michigan would be allowed to operate at 25% capacity, though they must close by 10 p.m. The arbitrariness and magical thinking behind this order are blatant because it’s not clear why diseases should only start spreading after 10 p.m.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo — who, if you’ll recall, once yelled out during one of his press briefings that any measure is acceptable if it saves even one life from COVID and who then proceeded to sentence thousands to death by ordering nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients — also recently announced on Twitter that New York must begin reopening and that the state can’t afford to wait until everyone is vaccinated. Cuomo has ramped up testing in his state.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has joined in on the fun as well. Just in time to join with Fauci, she also announced two days after Biden’s inauguration that she, too, would be reopening bars and restaurants in her city.

COVID-19, it seems, is a magical disease. Just like scrofula, which, according to legend, could be cured by the touch of a king, it appears that COVID-19 can be cured by the ascension to the presidency of a Democrat.

What a miracle!