One of the final major acts of the Trump administration before they departed office was to cut the price of store-bought Insulin and EpiPen’s, which involved any and all community health care centres to pass on their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to their patients.

However, President Joe Biden has now reversed this policy under the basis that these health care centres “keep their word” that savings will be passed on, with no rule of law requiring them to stick to it.

sTrump’s cuts

President Trump introduced this HHS policy in order to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals for patients who need to purchase them constantly, such as an insulin shot for someone who suffers from diabetes.

A source from Bloomberg summarised the policy nicely, citing that centres who didn’t comply with Trump’s new rules would lose out on federal grants. Biden’s reversal

President Biden has spent the first week of his presidency reversing many of Trump’s policies, whether good or bad.

This is yet another one he has reversed; despite the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

Biden’s reversal of Trumps HHS policy takes away the threat of a withdrawal of federal grants from the centres, effectively removing the financial incentive to give back to the patients who regularly use their services.

However, Biden will now allow them to operate under the condition that they “promise” to carry providing patients with the savings made from the previous cuts in prices.

The prices raised instantly

It would be very easy for these health centres to go against this promise, as one mother discovered when she tried to purchase an insulin prescription for her 9-year-old son with type-1 diabetes.

The price of insulin is this store had risen to $1,000, as a direct result of Biden’s reversal, so she was not able to afford the purchase for her son who requires insulin every two hours.

President Biden has begun to play with people’s lives for the sake of playing party politics against Donald Trump.

This case is yet another example where President Biden’s reversals will cause damage to people’s lives after his cancellation of Keystone XL that forced 1,200 Americans out of work.

Now, his reversal of Trump’s HHS policy will cause mother’s like the aforementioned one to have to tell their diabetic kids that they can longer afford their treatment.

Reckless, irresponsible decisions have terrible consequences, something which has started to become a common theme in the Biden administration.