Ever so true to their reputation for peddling very fake news, CNN ran a story on January 21 claiming that the Trump Administration had no plan of any kind to distribute the coronavirus vaccine to the public. Therefore, the thinly veiled propaganda piece ran, the Biden Administration would have to “start from scratch.”

As has now been confirmed by those who worked on Operation Warp Speed, absolutely no part of those claims is true.

Officials Refute CNN Lies About Vaccine Distribution

Even the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci — a man who has been made into a quasi-religious figure by ceaseless media fawning — was forced to come out and refute the CNN piece. “We’re certainly not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution. You can’t say it [the vaccine distribution plan] was absolutely not usable at all,” he said.

Despite treating Fauci as an omnicompetent scientific super-genius and breathlessly hanging on his every word for months now, the media are happy to ignore Fauci when it suits their real purpose: carrying water for the Democratic Party and propping up the Biden Administration by any means necessary.

The likes of CNN continue to peddle the blatant hoax that the Trump Administration never had a vaccine distribution plan, and Biden’s own staffers — under transparently political motives — persist in doing the same.

The media’s efforts to manufacture a false reality into existence have become so absurd on this point that even staffers who worked on Operation Warp Speed have felt compelled to come forward and dispel these fabricated charges. As the National Review points out, some degree of continuity always inevitably exists between one presidential administration and the next, and so the fact that the Biden team was able to meet its distribution goals is proof that Trump had a plan in place.

As former Health and Human Services Chief of Staff, Brian Harrison told National Review, “We provided the Biden team [with] over 300 transition meetings, including the very first one on Warp Speed, which I kicked off myself. The idea that they’re walking in having no clue what’s going on is absolutely preposterous.”

Harrison went on to describe a distribution plan managed by U.S. Army General Gustave Perna, which he said was extraordinarily detailed and comprehensive.

Given the left’s inveterately authoritarian prejudices and predilections, perhaps what the Biden team is complaining about is that there is no single, centrally directed distribution. Rather, under the Trump Administration, there were 64 different plans — one for each public health jurisdiction in the country.

In any event, CNN has yet to retract its story. Whatever happens, the most trusted name in fake news is clearly fulfilling its role as a lackey for the Biden regime well.