Republicans were called names and accused of horrible things when they expressed concerns during the election about Joe Biden’s diminishing capabilities. The mainstream media made most of these inquiries off-limits out of their usual concerns about political correctness. Now in office, Biden is proving that some of these questions had merit all along.

100 Billion Vaccines for 300 Americans

Recently, when discussing vaccination statistics, Biden stumbled badly over the numbers. First, Biden promised to buy 100 billion vaccinations for this country. Apparently, the 330 million Americans each need 300 vaccines to stay safe. Then, he promised to vaccinate 300 Americans, which is a very poor return on investment for the 100 billion doses of vaccine that he said that he would buy.

Perhaps Biden never really had it in the first place since he has never been able to keep his numbers straight. This is especially frightening given that he has the responsibility to propose a budget each year. Biden’s penchant for misspeaking cannot simply just be dismissed as “Being Joe.” Instead, there are legitimate questions about whether he is up to the office that he just assumed. Republicans should not be shut down when they pose these inquiries as they are valid concerns.

Biden’s Staff Tries to Keep Him in a Virtual Basement

In order to protect Biden from himself, his staff has cultivated a careful roster of whom they choose to call on during his press briefings. This is to keep him from the misstatements that have plagued his political career and continue to get worse over time as he gets older. This stands in stark contrast to Donald Trump, who was not afraid to answer questions from even the most hostile members of the press.