After weeks of blaming the administration of former President Donald Trump for mishandling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the team of new President Joe Biden has now found themselves in the embarrassing position of misplacing 20 million doses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 50 million doses of the coveted vaccine were sent to the states to distribute. However, 20 million of these doses have not been recorded as being administered.

Reasons for Doses to Go Missing

Local health officials have maintained that there is a lag in reporting from the individual states to the CDC. However, this may only account for roughly 10% of the vaccine amount. The remaining amount of missing vaccines could still be sitting in warehouses or perhaps in the process of being delivered. Critics of the president’s team say that they should be able to provide information about where the vaccines are at every step of the process.

Issues With State Distribution

One of the biggest issues in the distribution process is that each state is responsible for its own distribution effort once they receive the vaccines. Understandably, some states have better processes than others. For example, West Virginia and the Dakotas have done an admirable job bringing the vaccine online while other states have struggled.

Just a Blame Game

The Biden team is continuing to place the blame on Trump’s administration for the current snafu. However, Trump’s Operation Warp Speed team said that they had over 300 meetings with the incoming Biden administration, bringing them up to date on the vaccine rollout plan.