The amount of sheer nonsense disguised as legitimate science that has been fed to the public about COVID-19 is absolutely staggering.

The PCR tests used to determine whether someone has COVID-19 are notoriously unreliable and are known, in some cases, to produce false-positive rates of around 90%. The very inventor of the test, Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, is even on video saying that PCR should not be used to test for viral infections because of its tendency to generate false positives.

Hospitals have long been declaring those who merely had COVID-19 but may have died from any of a number of other comorbidities as “COVID deaths,” thus artificially inflating death figures from the virus.

Though we have entered flu season and should therefore expect some people to die of the flu, virtually no one is.

Meanwhile, COVID-19, which has very similar symptoms to the flu, seems to be getting all of the credit for those deaths. As flu deaths supposedly fall, COVID deaths supposedly rise in exact proportion.

Not only that, but so-called experts like Anthony Fauci genuinely seem to have no idea what they’re talking about and appear to just be making things up as they go along. The sheer number of times that Fauci alone has contradicted himself is extraordinary. Just recently, he advocated double-masking, and then, only five days after that, conceded that there is no evidence that double-masking works.

Moreover, mask mandates have repeatedly been shown not to inversely correlate with COVID-19 case totals.

The American people have been putting up with all of this nonsense and more—having their businesses and livelihoods destroyed, losing the opportunity to see friends and family, and just generally having to groan under the yoke of totalitarianism.

A Cure Worse Than the Disease

Why have people agreed to tolerate all of this?

There seems to be no evidence that the lockdowns actually mitigated the impact of the virus, but there is plenty of evidence that the lockdowns, ostensibly enacted to combat the virus, actually took a catastrophic toll on people.

One of the starkest manifestations of this toll is in the suicide rate.

Nik and Ikaezia Brannies, a couple from Vancouver, Washington, says that their 13-year-old son—whom they describe as extroverted and as someone who “loves people”—recently attempted suicide and is now in a hospital bed.

Why? It’s because the lockdown measures starved him of human contact and made his life into a living hell.

More generally, as of August 2020, a shocking 25.5% of people aged 18 to 24 say that they had considered suicide at some point in the past 30 days. This is up from 10.7% for the same group in 2018.

What good is a lockdown if it doesn’t even clearly mitigate deaths from a virus but drives people to kill themselves?