According to a February 11 report from the New York Post, Melissa DeRosa, a secretary to New York governor Andrew Cuomo, has privately apologized to a group of state-level Democratic leaders on behalf of the governor’s office for withholding the true figures pertaining to the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19.

This admission, though made privately, confirms what many already very strongly suspected. Cuomo’s nursing home policies were horrendously destructive and essentially turned nursing homes into death traps for their patients when COVID-19 hit. Knowing this, the Cuomo Administration worked overtime to cover up its blundering and negligence.

They Finally Admit the Obvious

De Rosa finally admitted to the administration’s cover-up during a two-hour video conference call.

She confessed that the Administration stonewalled and then refused a request from the New York State Senate for an accurate accounting of the nursing home death toll as far back as August.

The reason why is shameful but utterly predictable: politics. She said that Cuomo feared that former president Trump would turn the true results of his nursing home policy into “a giant political football.” Moreover, DeRosa said that she feared there would be a federal investigation done by the DOJ into the Cuomo Administration’s behavior if the truth were to become known.

This admission of guilt and cowardice finally comes after the release of a report by New York Attorney General Letitia James, which concluded that the state may have understated its own nursing-home-related COVID death toll by as much as 50%.

Journalists had also long been complaining that their efforts to procure accurate statistics from the state on the matter were being rebuffed. Even Cuomo’s own health officials report being in despair that he was ignoring their advice and doing the bidding of medical industry lobbyists instead.