On Monday, Bart Avery, an owner of Bravery Brewery, told Fox News reporters that the video recording from a camera inside his brewery shows the Los Angeles County health inspector engaging in a dancing activity.

The dancing occurred right after the inspector told a brewery worker that the place has to be closed due to the breaching of county rules that mandate hospitality businesses to possess a food truck.

According to Avery, the inspector came to the brewery located in Lancaster, California, on Super Bowl Sunday, around 11 a.m.

I’m gonna close your business and… dance!

The brewery owner found the information that he might have to close his establishment both economically and emotionally devastating, especially because, according to him, no rules were violated.

Avery remains confident that his brewery did not need a food truck since it was delivering beer on a takeaway basis.

He even said that the health inspector eventually admitted her mistake and that his company could resume its operation.

Avery also told reporters that one of the inspectors even reached out to him to offer an apology for the incident.

Given the hard circumstances small businesses have to face due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the epidemiological measures that accompany it, their owners are very apprehensive about the possibility that their enterprises might come to an end.

Avery told reporters that, amid such a situation, it is extremely shocking and disgusting to see someone expressing such joyful behavior as a response to a possible closure of someone else’s business.

Covid is killing business

Without any doubt, the ongoing pandemic has had a profoundly devastating effect on hospitality businesses, both in Los Angeles County and beyond.

Just in the city of Los Angeles, at least 35 notable bars and restaurants had to shut down.

Some of the places that are now out of business include the globally famous 189 by Dominique Ansel bakery, 6th & La Brea and Brandon brewery, and the Auburn restaurant that served one of the most creatively prepared dishes in the area.

As the pandemic is likely not going to end anytime soon, many other businesses are expected to close across the country.

It remains to be seen whether the support measures the administration intends to take, including the U.S $ trillion coronavirus relief packaged in the first place, will help some businesses reopen or at least prevent many others from closing.