Over four million people in Texas were without power by the end of the day Monday due to a powerful winter storm that triggered the failure of the state’s green wind energy turbines. Almost half of the state’s turbines froze as a massive winter storm dropped snow and freezing temperatures across the region.

Rolling Blackouts in Effect

The strain on the state’s energy resources paired with the failure of the wind turbines has led to ongoing rolling blackouts being implemented by various energy providers. Because Texas gets 23% of its energy from its wind turbines, it is no surprise to learn that a failure of these systems would lead to significant shortage of energy supply.

Same Story in California

Texas is not the only state to have experienced widespread blackouts because of a reliance on green energy. This happened frequently throughout California in 2020 as heat wave after heat wave put too much strain on the state’s renewable energy sources. While there is certainly a place for green energy, it is clear that too much reliance on these renewable sources can have disastrous consequences when a region experiences any type of severe weather.

Politicians at Fault

The move toward more green energy is being blamed on the left-leaning politicians who continue to sing the praises without recognizing the limitations. Former California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law in 2018 that mandated the state achieve 100% renewable energy by 2045.

President Joe Biden also touted his new version of the Green New Deal while out on the campaign trail last year. This deal aims to achieve 100% renewables for electricity generation by 2035.