After spending the last few months of the pandemic, dating back to the summer, giving out praise to the Governor of New York for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Anthony Fauci has now been caught out, after reports surfaced that revealed the true extent of the damage done to New York nursing homes under Gov. Cuomo’s strategy.

Back in July, Fauci, who was one of the former President Donald Trump’s top Covid advisors, had praised Gov. Cuomo to the rooftops, claiming that Cuomo had handled the pandemic ‘correctly’.

Now, new reports have surfaced which show the true damage caused by Cuomo’s March 25th order, which instructed all nursing homes in New York to accept patients who were recovering from Covid-19.

What’s the situation?

Over the summer, Dr. Fauci conducted numerous interviews with various networks up and down the country, commenting on the performances taken by states to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

One interview, in July, stood out from the rest, as Fauci appeared on PBS NewsHour to conduct an interview with anchor Judy Woodruff.

During this interview, Fauci was asked about the performance of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

To this, Fauci replied that he believes Cuomo has managed his administrations response to the pandemic ‘correctly’, after citing that New York had been hit by the pandemic worse than ‘any other place in the world’.

Fauci praised and talked to Cuomo

The answer was a shock to many media outlets, who had been discussing Cuomo’s nursing home scandal long before the information eventually came into the light, which led the New York Times to conduct some investigative journalism into the rumours that were floating around the heads of Cuomo’s administration.

Fast forward to a month after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Fauci is now back on the scene, operating as the President’s Chief Medical Adviser.

He appeared on national television once again and was even recorded partaking in a virtual meeting that involved the Governor of New York.

It was in this meeting that Fauci would reiterate his support for Cuomo’s pandemic management, just days before his nursing home scandal was fully revealed.

With the information now out for the public to see; that being that Cuomo’s Covid task force had deliberately underreported Covid related deaths in nursing homes after his March 25th order, Fauci was once again questioned if he believed Cuomo had taken the right approach.

This is where he slipped up

CNN reporter Jim Sciutto questioned Fauci regarding Cuomo’s deadly March 25th order, asking him if he believed that Cuomo really had just followed federal guidelines, as he had previously stated. Fauci couldn’t give a response, claiming that he doesn’t know all of the details of the situation that has been revealed over the last week.

It can be argued that Fauci was just protecting himself, distancing from a Governor he had high praise for in the past, however, his response has drawn strong criticism.

Janice Dean, the senior meteorologist for Fox News, who also lost two of her in-laws due to Cuomo’s March 25th order, hit out at Fauci’s response, labeling him a ‘coward’, which just about sums the situation up.