Back in 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did release a statement that the number of yearly deaths due to drug overdose has dropped by 5 percent in 2018.

Unfortunately, it seems that it was just a single disruption of the trend that has been steadily rising in the past 25 years.

According to CDC, the total number of related deaths from May 2019 to May 2020 was the highest to be dated set at 81,000.

What is the rising number caused by?

Since the CDC statement back in May 2020, the situation has worsened even further.

The main culprit of worrying reports might be COVID19 as it has largely affected the habits and everyday routine of millions across the USA.

There are numerous reports suggesting that drug overdose deaths have peaked in 2020, with an assumed rise rate of 13%.

While this is not something that we are largely surprised by, it certainly shows that we should all care more about groups that are hit harder by COVID19.

The most disturbing reports are one of the increases in synthetic opioids use and deaths.

With there being 38 CDC jurisdictions, all but one have reported a major increase.

In the case of more than several Western states, the number has risen by 98%.

As Dr. Nora Volkov, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests the main two causes of a drug overdose are a bad financial situation and depression.

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has left a great impact in both spheres.

Accordingly, the director of CDC, Robert Redfield did state that “we all need to rethink the present treatment programs and focus on the groups that are highly affected by the current situation”.

Isolation affecting drug addicts

Apart from the depression and suicidal thoughts that are related to isolation and drug abuse, one of the biggest issues with quarantine and lockdowns is the fact that there might be no one to react on time.

In a pandemic-free scenario, it would be much easier to observe addicts behavior, monitor medication, and intercept an overdosing shot.

It is clear that we all need to respond to the rising trend of drug overdose deaths.

CDC recommendations are mostly related to the employees in the health sector, and help detect high-risk individuals and intervene early.

Additionally, they are instructed to spread awareness and educate people around them.

The same stands for all of us. By learning more about the risks of opioids, and potential anti-overdose meds such as naxolone, putting an end to the rising numbers.