The United States could be heading for herd immunity in the ‘next two or three months’ states multiple Epidemiologists, as the increase of daily cases throughout the country continues to fall at a rapid rate.

Professor Marty Makary and Epidemiologist Suzanne Judd have made the claims in the last few weeks, citing that if the current drop of infections continues, then the US could potentially be ‘Covid free’ by April, thanks to a culmination of herd immunity and the mass vaccination programme.

US will be almost COVID-19 free by April?

Professor Marty Makary, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, has claimed that the United States could be free from Covid by the spring, citing a major decrease of 77% of daily infections as a primary reason for this outcome.

The professor estimated that previous infections that have taken place over the last year, with over 28 million cases so far on record, combined with the current vaccination efforts, will lead to herd immunity across the country, which will be due to finalize by the spring, no later than April.

Makary claims that multiple other medical experts are agreeing with his prediction that there will be ‘very little’ Covid left in the US by April but claims that these same experts have also advised him not to talk publicly regarding the potential for herd immunity, as they believe it could introduce relaxation into the American public.

A once ridiculed theory that could end everything

Epidemiologist Suzanne Judd, who works at the University of Alabama, also believes in a similar theory, citing her claims in an interview conducted over the weekend.

Judd agrees with Makary that herd immunity could be reached through previous infections and vaccinations, stating that the American public should know if herd immunity is a reality in the ‘next two or three months’.

Judd also gave an estimate regarding the number of people at the moment who could potentially have the virus, citing that for every one person who has tested positive for Covid, there could at least 10 others who have the virus but haven’t been tested, stating that this fact alone could lead to herd immunity.

Herd immunity was an early idea in the pandemic that was ridiculed by almost every government that suggested it, including the US and the UK.

Now, herd immunity looks to be our savour from the Covid-19 pandemic.