Listen closely to the words being spoken and posted by media news outlets, politicians and other sources, and you will discover that they are singing a different tune than they were in 2020. The media’s 2020 COVID narrative was to blame President Trump for every death because his administration was not doing enough. That narrative has now changed to there’s only so much that President Biden can do to stop the pandemic.

New Forgiving Attitude Toward the President

While most Republicans have been saying that there was little that President Trump could do that he did not do, the media was having a heyday blaming him. Now, it seems as though they are giving the current administration a pass.

How Has Biden Addressed COVID?

Biden has not introduced any new COVID policies that deal with solving the problem. Of course, he did issue a federal mask mandate that he immediately indicated through his actions did not apply to him. He has also taken numerous snow days, where he canceled his workload.

U.S.-China Relationship

The media is singing the same song of forgiveness when it comes to China. The president is being given an easy pass by many in the media when answering tough questions about how the U.S. should deal with the Chinese government. The media seems to want you to believe that the Chinese government’s actions are nebulous.

While many complained that President Trump spent too much time interacting with the media, you certainly cannot say that of the current administration that seems to be hiding behind closed doors.