The book “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency” is due to be released in bookstores on March 2, 2021. The book, co-authored by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, claims that Biden would not have won the presidency, except for the pandemic. While President Trump attempted to carry on a more normalized campaign, Joe Biden chose to stay home.

The Difference in Pandemic Campaign Styles

According to the book, which The Guardian obtained an early copy of, if Trump could have forced Biden to come out of hiding, then people would see how little energy the presidential candidate had and become concerned about his mental capacity. The media fed the American public daily pandemic death tolls, and they decided that Biden’s plan of staying at home was a wiser move. After all, the media reminded Americans that others like them were dying alone in hospitals and long-term-care facilities daily.

Trump was never successful in regularly hitting Biden because he stayed hidden in the basement of his home.

Thanks to the left-leaning media, President Trump, who was more public during the campaign, found himself constantly having to defend his decisions and actions.

Anita Dunn’s Role in the Book

The book’s authors spent a lot of time interviewing Anita Dunn, a co-chair of Biden’s transition team who served as the interim White House press secretary. She may be familiar to many because of her comments from 2009. As the White House communications director at the time, she said China’s Mao Zedong, responsible for many mass murders in China, was one of her favorite political philosophers.


The book’s authors have previously written: “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.” This book took a detailed look at how Clinton’s character flaws ultimately cost her the presidency.