The CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has found himself in more media hot water after his mic was cut off during his interview with conservative YouTube channel Right Side Broadcasting Network, after he warned viewers against taking the Coronavirus vaccine that has been developed in China.

This is not the first time Lindell has been involved in media controversy over the last month or so, after he caused Newsmax host Bob Sellers to storm off his own set after Lindell believed he was brought in to talk about cancel culture and voter fraud.

Sellers later apologized to Lindell and his viewers later that evening for his reaction.

What happened at this interview?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appeared on RSBN to hold an interview with show host Liz Willis whilst attending the CPAC in Florida over the weekend.

However, during the interview, Willis had to cut off his mic as he started to warn viewers against taking a Covid vaccine, citing that the fact that the nation of Israel is forcing all of their citizens to take a vaccine effectively by introducing domestic vaccine passports, as ‘the worst thing that could happen in this world’.

Lindell talked about how citizens in Israel now need to provide evidence of a Coronavirus vaccination before they are allowed into work or into a shopping mall as an example.

Also, there are now reports of people needing to provide evidence of vaccination to go abroad, a policy that many nations around the world are considering.

Lindell stated his argument convincingly before he was cut off, saying that why should it matter if you go to a shopping mall or a restaurant after having your vaccination and there is someone there who hasn’t had one, why does that matter, since the data coming out of Israel suggests a 95% efficacy rate across the board?

It’s a very interesting point since every country across the globe is prioritising vulnerable people for vaccination in order to minimise deaths.

However, Lindell ends up getting cut off by Willis for a few seconds after he starts to criticise the ‘double mask’ policy that many mainstream politicians, including the President of the United States Joe Biden, are starting to push.

Why did she cut him off?

In all honesty, the move made by RSBN wasn’t actually done out of malice towards the MyPillow CEO, instead, it was purely to protect their own channel from being terminated by YouTube.

After the cut off, Willis explains to Lindell that she had to mute his mic for a few seconds as the points he was making would go against YouTube’s guidelines on vaccines, which would lead to an instant termination of the channel.

She apologised to him shortly after, before expressing the network’s affection towards him.