During the Obama administration, Carol Baker was appointed by then HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to the chair of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. She served in the role from 2009 to 2012 and was a liaison to the committee until 2019.

She also once worked at Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Children’s Hospital, where she was the executive director of the Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research. In 2019, moreover, she received the Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in a ceremony that was partly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Baker has some apparently impressive accolades and credentials, but why should you know about her?

It’s because she’s an apparent eugenicist and a rabid hater of the white race.

Elite-Connected Vaccine Doctor Spreads Anti-White Propaganda

In a shocking clip from back in 2016 in which she talks about what she believes should be done with those who refuse to get vaccinated, she says the following:

“I have the solution. Every study published in the last 5 years, when you look at vaccine refusers. I’m not talking about, well ‘hesitants’ — most of them we can talk into coming to terms. But refusers, we’ll just rid of all the whites in the United States!”

This psychotic, totalitarian nutjob openly advocated racial genocide because some of the members of a particular racial group don’t want to do something that she thinks they should do.

Try to wrap your mind around that for a second. Try to imagine how power-drunk and megalomaniacal you have to be to even think such thoughts.

Now, why would Baker say something like that? Well, she went on:

“Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most? Immigrants.”

Of course. Translation: “People who don’t want to do something that serves my professional interests and the financial interests of those who back me should be killed.”

In fact, she’s saying something even worse than that. She’s saying that people who are merely of the same race as most of the people who don’t want to do something that serves her professional interests and the financial interests of those who back her should be killed.

What an absolute psychopath.

Progressivism has a sordid history with eugenics as anyone who investigates the history of the early 20th century will discover. Of course, in those days, sterilization campaigns were waged against nonwhites, certain kinds of immigrants, and the so-called “feebleminded.” Today, equivalent campaigns are apparently being waged against white people.

Different targets, same psychotic ideology.