Canada Post announced that it has temporarily stopped a post-delivery to two highrise building areas where citizens walked without wearing protective masks against the spread of COVID-19.

Citizens were reportedly seen at 100 and 150 Graydon Hall, located near Highway 401 and Don Mills Road in Toronto.

Canada Post pointed out that residents who were not wearing protective masks prevented post workers from delivering the mail because they assembled in common areas Canada Post employees need to use for their service.

Valérie Chartrand, a Canada Post spokesperson, said that the company has informed the buildings’ management about the situation and expressed her hope that the services would resume as soon as safety concerns are eliminated.

She described mask-wearing as a recommendation provided by public health institutions and considerate behavior towards others, particularly those offering services.

The Toronto bylaw mandates mask-wearing in common areas for all citizens besides children younger than two and those with health conditions that prevent them from wearing protective clothing.

Reactions from residents and property management company

Several residents from the decision-affected area expressed their dissatisfaction with the mail delivery suspension.

May Aboayda stressed that there were no coronavirus cases in the building and that there are lots of people who expect to receive their documents.

Even though she expressed her hope that the delivery would resume soon, Aboayda announced that she plans to move out of the building complex.

Another resident Iulian Stanciu characterized the decision as a pretext for Canada Post to refrain from doing its job, expressing regret that the company did not reach out to discuss the issue.

He told reporters that the delivery suspension brought him significant trouble of driving to collect his mail.

Despite the residents’ complaints, lawyer Muneeza Sheikh explained that the law is most likely on the side of Canada Post.

Sheikh, who works as a partner with Levitt LLP, said that no employee is required to risk their health to perform their job.

However, she said that further information is certainly needed as it may turn out that safety protocol was satisfied and that Canada Post employees illegally stopped their work.

In response to the event, GH Capital Corp., a company that owns the Graydon Hall buildings, announced that it is sure that most residents were abiding by the mask-wearing rules and urged those who did not to regularly wear masks when going outside, even when they throw out the garbage, to wear them.

The company also told residents that it would contact Canada Post to discuss the issue.