For the first time in the space of a year, students in the state of Mississippi were able to enjoy a crucial aspect of their University experience; hitting the town!

Hundreds of students enjoyed their first night of freedom on Friday, without masks, as the state lifted their Covid-19 restrictions on Wednesday, following the lead of Texas.

However, one man was not happy with these basic freedoms being restored…that man was President Joe Biden, who labeled the decisions from Texas and Mississippi as ‘Neanderthal thinking’.

A President against freedom?

It’s a very rare sight, but this President may be against the basic freedoms that so many Americans have needlessly lusted for over the last year.

Seeing the students of Mississippi out enjoying themselves is a very good thing, especially after the CDC found that depression and anxiety were up between the months of March and June last year, with young people across the nation being the worst affected mentally by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that followed.

Students and young people are very social, so when you force them to give up that aspect of their life, many will inevitably spiral down a dark path.

A survey conducted by the CDC found that nearly 11% of all the respondents stated that they had ‘seriously considered’ suicide as a viable option over the last 30 days.

For those respondents that were young people (18-24), that number was found to be 1 in 4.

However, these facts didn’t seem to be aware to President Biden, who labelled the lifting of restrictions in Texas and Mississippi as ‘Neanderthal thinking’, despite the fact that Covid restrictions have created an entirely new mental health epidemic, as well as a mass wave of unemployment and poverty.

The President claimed that allowing mass gatherings to take place, without the input of masks and restrictions, would cause another significant surge of Covid cases and deaths, despite multiple vaccines currently in circulation in the United States.

He rightly received heavy criticism for his term, which led to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki having to defend his terminology, claiming that his derogatory remark was only made out of ‘frustration’.

In the battle between states and the federal government, the states have just taken a convincing lead, restoring rightful freedoms to Americans who have been deprived of their lives for far too long.

Here’s hoping many more will follow suit!