Jen Psaki is swiftly climbing the ranks and is well on her way to becoming the single most unimpressive Press Secretary in the history of the United States.

Her refusal and inability to answer questions, her transparent squirming whenever confronted, her inability even to lie convincingly when attempting to defend the Biden administration — these are already well-known.

Idiocy and dangerous incompetence like this can only be perpetuated because the press collaborates with the regime and continues to allow this sort of behavior to stand. Worse, the press lies to the American public and attempts to present such things in a positive light.

No one says it better than former President Trump: “The media is the enemy of the people.”

Thankfully, the press isn’t completely rotten. There are still a few good apples here and there.

In his short time as president, Biden’s policies already present an embarrassment of riches for those who are concerned with government malfeasance, incompetence and outright destructiveness. They are a case study for anyone curious about how decadent elites behave when threatened.

One of the most shockingly absurd of these policies has been the decision to allow COVID-positive illegal aliens to remain in the country and even to stream into it in ever-larger numbers.

According to our elite, COVID-19 is the single most dangerous problem in American history, so dangerous that no one is allowed to live their lives while the virus exists — except, of course, if you’re an illegal alien. Apparently, the virus magically ceases to be harmful when illegals get it and risk having it.

This is transparent nonsense. Thankfully, Fox News’ Peter Doocy wasn’t having it. He insisted on pressing Psaki on this hazardous lunacy.

Doocy Holds Psaki’s Feet to the Fire

In a White House presser last week, Psaki wouldn’t answer a question about whether COVID-positive illegals were sent to quarantine.

Doocy, however, didn’t let her get away with this. He continued to ask questions about the chaotic mess that Biden’s open-door immigration rhetoric has caused.

He pointed out to Psaki that “it’s just guidance that these migrants who test positive” go and quarantine themselves. In other words, the Biden administration is only offering a suggestion here. And so, Doocy asked the million-dollar question: “Do you know, does the administration know, how many actually do, versus how many actually just go off to wherever?”

Predictably, Psaki gave a word salad of a non-answer.

So far, at least 1,553 migrants have tested positive for COVID-19 in Texas alone. These are just the ones who were tested.

These people are all liars. They don’t care. They just want power. They want to import a fresh crop of Democratic voters, and they need to be exposed.