A mom from New York City had her 6-year-old daughter taken away from her when she refused to wear a mask. The shocking incident happened when the mom was dropping her child off at school.

Details of Incident

Dr. Micheline Epstein was dropping off her little girl at Birch Wathen Lenox School on the city’s Upper East Side. It should be noted that Epstein was outside on the sidewalk when she was not wearing a mask. After sending her daughter inside, Epstein was approached by the school nurse and a security guard and asked to put on her mask. When Epstein refused, the situation got ugly.

According to Epstein’s boyfriend Jeff Guttenplan, the little girl was wearing a mask because it was required of her to do so to enter the school. However, Epstein herself did not want to wear a mask.

Divorce at Center of Controversy

Epstein is currently involved in a messy divorce and is sharing custody of the girl with her spouse. After the incident, Epstein was informed that the school was no longer going to let Epstein drop off her daughter. In addition to that news, Epstein soon found out that her husband was going to use the incident to petition to gain full custody of their daughter.

The mother is understandably devastated by this news. She will also be forced to wear a mask inside her own home if she wants to visit with her daughter. Epstein has started a legal fund in order to raise money to pay for all of the expenses that she will incur to gain back custody of her daughter.