So far, lack of transparency is the highlighting point of Biden’s presidency.

Since January, the United States’ humanitarian crisis got even worse primarily due to millions of new COVID19 cases and thousands of illegal immigrants trying to cross the Southern border.

Throughout his election campaign, President Joe Biden blamed Donald Trump for the pandemic outbreak.

Still, it took him more than three months to implicitly admit he was wrong and that what the ex-President did with a vaccine program wasn’t that bad.

Furthermore, although the White Office successfully avoided any responsibility for the open border and the surge of illegal immigrants, Biden is on his knees asking the officials in Mexico for their support.

The effect of illegal immigration on COVID19 cases?

It isn’t a secret that President Joe Biden called south and central-Americans to cross the border openly.

The best proof of that is that immigrants coming from Mexico are wearing t-shirts with Biden’s image.

As it seems, things got out of hand, and thousands of people that enter the country aren’t PCR tested, so the surge of COVID19 cases comes as a logical consequence.

News of the USA President asking the Mexican Head of State, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to prevent further immigration isn’t a hoax.

As reported by New York Times, the officials suggested that Biden asked the Mexican President to react and stop the flood.

On the other hand, he promised millions of AstraZeneca vaccines. Yep, the ones that more and more countries are banning due to the death cases and complications.

Psaki denies the deal

Much like expected, the Secretary of Press, Jen Psaki, denies these allegations.

She suggests that while Biden and Manuel Lopez Obrador were on a video call discussing the vaccination program, the USA president didn’t ask Mexican officials to stop immigrants from crossing the border.

The most interesting point here is that if what NYT reported is true (and we believe it so), it means that the White Office admits that Trump did a great job making a deal with the Mexican government on preventing illegal immigration.

Trump openly discussed this plan – on the other hand, President Joe Biden doesn’t want to get his image dirty and wants the Mexicans to do everything instead.

So what to expect?

Well, you are probably familiar with the plan that most USA citizens/permanent residents should be vaccinated by May 1.

If Biden continues promising and giving away vaccines (2.5m to Mexico; 1.5m to Canada), this is hardly doable.

Thus, if the White Office admits their mistake and wants to prevent further illegal immigration, we suggest doing something about border policies instead of making ineffective deals.