For a man who has been in the political game for nearly half a century, President Joe Biden isn’t exactly the brightest around, as the crisis at the southern border begins to worsen.

When you run on a manifesto that continuously hints at amnesty for all illegal immigrants, then they might as well have installed a massive ‘Welcome’ mat along the border.

Now, President Biden is taking a tactic straight out of the MAGA handbook, by asking the President of Mexico; Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, to implement more measures on their side in order to secure the US-Mexico border, all in exchange for surplus US vaccine supplies.

What’s the play here?

During his time in office, President Donald Trump often went into talks with Mexico regarding issues at the southern border, however, he was much more heavy-handed.

The former President told Mexico that it needed to secure the border to prevent more and more illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

To incentivize them, he threatened the country with additional tariffs if they refused to act.

However, Mexico would often go along with what Trump wanted, as they believed securing the southern border whilst Trump was in office would make it seem like the two nations were embarking on a joint venture.

Now, President Biden is attempting to pay off Mexico.

In a video call earlier this month, President Biden spoke with President Obrador, discussing the crisis at the border, with Biden enquiring about the possibility of more done on the side of Mexico.

The pair also discussed the possibility of the United States sending Mexico some of their surplus Covid-19 vaccine supplies, after the Mexican Administration had publicly called for the United States to send them doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.


The Biden-Obrador video call looks very strange, as many Republicans believe that Biden is attempting to bribe the Mexican government to solve a problem that his administration created, after the terminating of numerous, effective Trump-era policies regarding immigration and the southern border.

However, Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, has insisted that these two matters were discussed separately and that it was only a coincidence that they ‘overlapped’ on the same call.

This sentiment was parroted by various Mexican officials, who claimed that the pair were searching for a solution that benefitted both nations.

On the plus side, President Biden has the support of many of the Mexican people when it comes to the border issue.

Around 6 in 10 Mexican citizens state that migrants crossing through to get to the United States are a ‘burden’ to the country, with 55% of all Mexican voters supporting a policy that would deport migrants who are only entering Mexico to get to the US.

This will come as a shock to the likes of AOC and her girl group, who faked a photo-op at the border during the Trump presidency, trying to act horrified at what they were seeing, despite angles of their publicity stunt being released which showed they were screaming into the middle distance.

If Biden wants the Democrats to keep the House and the Senate in 2022, then he might want to rethink amnesty, as 55% of independent voters are totally opposed to the policy, whilst 73% of all voters are concerned about the crisis at the border.

So, if the President wants to retain his power, he might need to consider putting America First.