We seem to be living in an age where, no matter what the authorities do, they only end up further revealing their own incompetence, uselessness, and malevolence.

It really is quite shocking to contemplate, and there have been far too many cases of this kind of thing happening over the past few years to count. It truly makes one wonder about the future.

We can safely add the mess over the COVID-19 vaccine to this growing mountain of disasters.

Not only was the vaccine rushed through testing for blatantly political reasons, and not only were proper controls repeatedly violated during the “studies” which were performed on some of these vaccines’ effectiveness, but the vaccine also seems to be having disastrous effects on otherwise healthy people.

Millions have seen the video of the nurse collapsing shortly after her injection. There was also a doctor in Florida who mysteriously died shortly after being injected.

Many other similar stories exist. Yet, we are constantly being told by the authorities that this experimental vaccine is totally safe.

And now, the mounting side effects from the vaccines are getting so bad that entire schools are beginning to close because of them.

Vaccine Side Effects Get Worse

These new COVID-19 vaccines are totally unlike any other kinds of vaccines that have ever been used by humans. They are not made according to the principles discovered by Edward Jenner. Instead, this new class of vaccines actually manipulates the genetics of your cells, allowing the virus to emerge in a healthy person and triggering the body into developing an immune response.

This is worrying because we simply have no idea what the long-term effects of such genetic manipulation will be. Not a single long-term longitudinal study has yet been performed to try and answer this question.

Already, thanks to the unpredictable side effects of these vaccines, a number of schools and school districts around the country have been forced to close, including the Northeast Ohio school district, Grayson County Public Schools in Virginia, Sandy Creek Schools in Syracuse, New York, the Farwell School District in Michigan, and many others.

In all of these places and more, the school staff who had been vaccinated faced side effects which were severe enough to render them unable to come to work.

But what do Fauci, Bill Gates, and the other vaccine pushers this of this? They are preparing a third shot for everyone!

Of course, a critical question to ask is why people even need to bother being vaccinated for a disease which the vast majority of the population is not at risk of dying from, but things like this are being ignored so that biotech and pharmaceutical companies can make massive profits.

Once the third injection is foisted on everyone, it’s impossible to predict what kind of misery may result.