Many are saying that the decision by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to lift the state’s mask mandate and open up for business has paid off. Texas COVID-19 numbers continue to decline rapidly in recent weeks, falling to all-time lows.

Abbott’s Decision Being Praised

Despite being slammed by President Joe Biden for his decision to stop being scared of the virus, Abbott stood firm in his resolve to drop the restrictions and move on with life in his state. This meant eliminating the mask mandate and allowing businesses to open at full capacity. Abbott is now being praised as numbers continue to trend in the right direction just 17 days after lifting the mask requirement.

Inside the Numbers

State officials are celebrating the news of the plummeting COVID-19 cases. On Saturday, the state reported a seven-day positivity rate of 5.27%, marking an all-time low. In addition, hospitalization numbers dropped to the lowest that they have been since October. The number of people currently hospitalized in the Lone Star State as of Saturday is just over 3,300. During the height of the last COVID-19 wave in January, hospitalizations rose to over 14,000.

Saturday’s data recorded 2,292 new cases of the virus. This is approximately 500 less than last week. There were 107 new deaths reported on Saturday.

Cities Bucking the Mandate

While the majority of Texas is celebrating Abbott’s decision to open the state back up for business, some individual cities are keeping mandates in place. Despite the executive order of Abbott to roll back restrictions, the capital city of Austin is planning to continue its mask mandate.