Amid the COVID19 pandemic that has been going for over a year, the GOP Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, lifted the restrictions and mandatory mask regulations.

In the past several months, he was heavily criticized by the representatives of the Democratic party for expressing his opposition against borderless politics, still, Texans continue to support him, especially after he announced the cessation of several COVID19 restrictions, including the mask mandate.

Three weeks have passed since the announcement, and the results of Abbott’s decision have shocked the public and the White House!

Remember what Biden said about Greg Abbott lifting restrictions?

Just a day after Texas and Mississippi lifted the mask requirements, President Joe Biden referred to the decision as “Neanderthal thinking.”

He suggested that the United States doesn’t need rationless rulings when he finally secured millions of vaccines, hoping that all adults will get a shot by the end of May.

President Joe Biden continued by claiming that such a decision can result in a massive surge of COVID19 cases, and that is the wrong thing to do.

Three weeks after, Worldometers and official reports suggest otherwise!

All-Time Lows!

The past few months have been pretty rough as it seemed that the vaccination program isn’t efficient enough.

One of the reasons why Greg Abbott decided to lift the restrictions is to support Texas’s economy and allow the Texas citizens to live as they did before the COVID19 outbreak.

Shockingly, the last three weeks show that his tactics of a restriction-free and active vaccination environment are doing more than great!

According to the official reports, the positive-cases rate has been below 10% for the last month.

Furthermore, in the past seven days, the increase in cases is set to 5.27%, which is the lowest this state has seen.

As the Governor of Texas suggested on his Twitter, the number of people hospitalized due to the COVID19 is also steadily decreasing.

Comparing these results to what has happened from November 2020 to February 2021, the Texas health department announced that the positive trend of fewer cases by week is likely to continue.

Who is Neantherthal thinking now?

Since the initial Biden’s reaction and the accusations that Greg Abbott had to go through from March 2 to March 10, the White House Office or the supporters of the Democratic Party didn’t make any comments.

As it seems a successful vaccination campaign is much more critical than mask mandates and strict COVID19 restrictions, which Texans successfully showed throughout March.

But as has usually been the case with Democrats, Joe Biden is likely to take credit for the reduced number of infected in Texas.

The question remains whether he will call himself a Neanderthal.