Report from Washington Post Regarding Details of COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

It did not take someone with a crystal ball to see this coming. According to a report out of the Washington Post on Sunday, the administration of President Joe Biden is looking at the possibility of issuing vaccine passports. These passports would offer proof of COVID-19 inoculation so that Americans could return to life more quickly.

Anonymous Sources Confirming Reports

The Post said that five officials spoke anonymously regarding the effort. The idea is being investigated by the Department of Health and Human Services. The paper reported that the project is being headed up by White House coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients.

Ideas for the Vaccine Passport Rollout

Zients is looking at ways that the passport will ensure the privacy of all citizens. The goal is also to make the passports accessible to those who do not have smartphones. This means that there will need to be a paper component in addition to a digital passport.

Reports are detailing how the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative is looking at developing a smart card that is a balance between the traditional paper proof of vaccination and an online version.

Vaccine Hesitancy Still a Problem

How this idea will be met by the American public is yet to be seen. There is still a great amount of vaccine hesitancy, particularly in rural areas of the country.

The Biden team is banking on the fact that the passports will encourage more Americans to get the shot so that they can be afforded more freedoms. Biden has continually pointed to Christmas 2021 as a goal for getting back to normalcy.