During his Monday press conference, Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis issued a statement in which he opposed any version of the idea of COVID-19 passports.

The conference took place after the governor signed a bill that eased businesses’ liability due to the damage suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeSantis told reporters that his administration is ready to offer COVID-19 passports to every Florida citizen who might need them, either for traveling to other states and countries or for visiting certain places, such as hospitals and retail pharmacies.

Yet, he emphasized that there are no plans of mandating passports for anyone.

DeSantis expressed his belief that government should not require citizens to possess COVID-19 immunity certification to participate in a wide variety of activities, such as visiting movie theaters or theme parks.

Florida Governor added that, in a similar fashion, his administration would not impose any requirement to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Governor DeSantis underscored that any COVID-19-related requirement would present a major violation of the individual liberties of Florida citizens.

He further said that issuing COVID-19 passports would require taking certain personal information from people, which involves an unacceptable amount of privacy infringement.

New legislation coming in

DeSantis had a conversation with the Florida House Speaker and intends to talk with Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson, aiming to implement new legislation to cover the COVID-19 passport issue.

Florida Governor said that citizens need certainty that can only be satisfied by coming up with updated legal decisions.

DeSantis accentuated that the primary goal of his actions would be to make sure that citizens have no fear of being prosecuted because they followed their everyday routines.

Many political commentators hailed DeSantis’s determination to prohibit COVID-19 passports in Florida.

They said that Florida Governor’s actions come as a defense of individual rights and liberties that have been frequently put under pressure since the inception of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The pandemic caused many politicians and citizens to call into question actions that were hardly given a second thought before 2020.

New worries and behaviors became something that everyone has to face.