Back in 1962, the historian and former Librarian of Congress Daniel Boorstin published a book called The Image, in which he described what he referred to as “pseudo-events.”

A pseudo-event is basically an event set up for no reason other than to generate media coverage. Inherently, such events are public relations tactics, salvos of propaganda meant to make people think and talk about something, even if that thing isn’t really worth thinking or talking about.

And when media figures begin talking about something, the urge to talk about it and consider it important spreads by osmosis throughout the population. In that way, something that, in itself, is vapid and meaningless can be made to captivate the country and steer the national conversation.

Boorstin’s book and his idea were incredibly prescient. They are perhaps more relevant now than ever.

Indeed, CNN’s recent “COVID War” segment, like so much else that is in the legacy media these days, is just such a pseudo-event.

CNN’s Blatant Propaganda

Recently, former President Trump released a statement in which he referred to Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx as “self-promoters.”

After having watched their behavior over the last year, what reasonable person can disagree with that assessment? Fauci has reversed and contradicted himself on everything from masks and vaccines to social distancing and lockdowns on too many occasions to list. The only thing that remains constant with him is his feel for which way the wind is blowing. Birx isn’t much different.

Any fool knows that when the likes of Fauci try to tell you that you’ll still need to wear a mask after you’ve been vaccinated, they are lying to you. Either that or they’re implying that the vaccines don’t work.

No matter how often the likes of CNN try to present Fauci and Birx as the adults in the room or as serious and tough-minded scientists, they’re really just bureaucratic power players. Every one of their “recommendations” always seems to have the effect of increasing their own prestige and power, which isn’t an accident.

But now, in CNN’s “COVID War” special, not only is the network trying to canonize Birx and Fauci, but it’s also lying about its own attitude to Trump’s coronavirus briefings in 2020.

The truth was that CNN and other legacy media outlets didn’t want to cover these briefings because they gave Trump a chance to contradict and refute some of their propaganda, but now, they are pretending otherwise.

CNN also tried to affirm other contradictory narratives in the special. First, the problem with the Trump administration’s response was apparently that Trump was ignoring the science while Birx is quoted as saying that “there were too many parallel streams of data” coming in at once, and this hobbled the administration’s response.

Both of these things cannot be true at the same time.

This special is a propagandistic love fest designed to stroke Fauci’s and Birx’s egos and feed their desire for fame. They are not genuine news reports.