What was once derided as being a fever dream of conspiracy theorists has now become reality. Vaccine passports, meant to control the movements and activities of ordinary Americans, are now a part of our lives.

States like New York have already introduced these measures on a somewhat limited scale. The New York vaccine passport prohibits people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine from traveling to certain events or attending certain kinds of public gatherings, like concerts or sporting events. This is done electronically with an app that is synced with the medical information of everyone who downloads.

Joe Biden has been working with all kinds of major corporations to get them to refuse to provide services to those who have not been vaccinated, which would effectively lead to nationwide vaccine passports.

If such a program were to ever become the law of the land, it’s to be expected that people who care about their civil and personal liberties will strongly resist it. And one way to resist it will be, of course, to use fake or forged vaccine passports to fool the authorities.

Well, the FBI has already begun issuing ominous warnings against this practice.

The FBI Starts to Become Stasi-Like

On March 31, the Minneapolis branch of the FBI tweeted out something that should make every conservative, every political dissident and everyone who simply cares about civil liberties sick to his stomach. The tweet read:

“We’ve all seen friends posting their #COVID19 vaccination cards on social media. If you make or buy a fake one to misrepresent your vaccination status, you endanger other people and may also be breaking the law.”

The only acceptable word to describe this statement is creepy. The idea of vaccine passports has not yet been made into national law, but the FBI is already insinuating that people who try to circumvent these draconian rules are “breaking the law.”

This clearly reveals the intention not only of the FBI but of the whole political establishment. Those who do wish to get vaccinated or who don’t need to get vaccinated — which is, frankly, most people — will be persecuted by law enforcement agencies if the Biden Administration gets its way.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already categorically stated that he will never mandate or accept the use of vaccine passports in his state, but the left has repeatedly shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

Perhaps even creepier is the fact that the FBI has also provided links to places where people can go to report those who may have manufactured fake vaccination cards.

This is how secret police in totalitarian regimes function. They rely on using the public to betray dissidents to the government. It is terrifying that we may be reaching such a stage in America.