The internet has given birth to a rather extraordinary culture that is laced with layers and layers of irony. At a time when much of the world remains locked down as a precaution against COVID-19, that irony has proven on many occasions to be an excellent coping mechanism.

Even though a slew of COVID vaccines have been developed and quickly distributed to the public - representing our best chance of returning to normal life - we all know that experts have been careful to warn us not to be overconfident about what the vaccine can do.

And the internet, in its inimitable way, has found a way to pull humor out of these warnings, mainly by taking the “Being vaccinated does not mean…” line and absolutely driving it into the ground with zany absurdity.

This has picked up so much steam that it’s become a viral trend. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets to that effect. Gathered from all corners of the internet, they’ll be sure to leave you in stitches.

Mental Health

With a wink at the plot of the movie School of Rock, Bradley Hicks graciously reminds us that, “Being vaccinated does NOT mean it’s ok to pose as a substitute music teacher at an elite private elementary school, expose students to hard rock legends, secretly form a band, compete in a local Battle of the Bands and lose to No Vacancy!!!”

A Jab at Bad Grammar

Bradley Hicks’ tweet, however, could have used the reminder that Jeannie Prinsen shared with the world, a reminder that is near and dear to the hearts of grammar nerds everywhere: “Being vaccinated does NOT mean that you can abandon, neglect, or discard the Oxford comma.”

You Shall Not Pass

Tastefully building on the trend of using famous movie references in these tweets, Twitter user Deeps reminds us that not even the COVID vaccine can protect us from the mighty corrupting power of the one ring. Even after vaccination, one still cannot “simply walk into Mordor.”

The Rage of the Vaccinated

Not even the fabled rage of Achilles from Homer’s epic about the Trojan War — dramatized in a movie from 2004 starring Brad Pitt — is exempt from the perils of COVID. Channeling the wisdom of Tiresias, Twitter user, incorrect patrochilles quotes, tells us that, “being vaccination does not mean you can drag Hector’s corpse all around the camp just because you are angry and sad.”

Taylor Swift Joins the Party

Who says that movie references should get to steal all of the thunder? With a wink towards a famous lyric in a Taylor Swift song, Tim K. hilariously warns us that being vaccinated is not an excuse to go and “make a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter.”

This is just a small sample of the many hilarious tweets that have formed this trend. It all seems to have started sometime on April 6 and continues unabated.

May there be many more laughs during these trying times!