A glance at the sorts of news headlines that have been emerging and continue to emerge of late convey the unmistakable impression that we appear to have entered some sort of Bizarro World.

The media lies relentlessly and gaslights the public on a regular basis. Virtually everyone with any significant amount of power or authority appears to be either a self-serving scoundrel or an insane ideologue. Things that only a few short years ago were regarded as the obsessions of conspiracy theorists have come true. And of course, the COVID lockdowns changed the entire country, perhaps irrevocably.

And all the while, the rabid push by the Democrats and progressives to erode what little remains of traditional American national or civic culture is now terrifying when it isn’t absurd. We now live in a completely different sociopolitical world than we did only a few years ago.

And this new world requires a few new principles to live by, some things that we all must remember in order to stay sane.

Some New Rules

One thing that is crucial to remember these days is that there is absolutely no legitimate science to support the idea that 6-foot social distancing reduces the spread of coronavirus. The same goes for the idea that masks stop the spread and that asymptomatic carriers are major vectors for spread.

Social distancing is like voodoo, and masks have become magic talismans. And that more-or-less sums up the condition of our current scientific authorities. Their models have been completely inaccurate, and they contradict themselves daily. They have as much real scientific credibility as voodoo priests, but anyone who doubts them is shamed and silenced without mercy.

This is how decadent regimes that are on the verge of collapse behave.

There’s also no observed correlation between either lockdowns or mask mandates on the one hand and COVID cases or deaths on the other. In short, we probably locked down for nothing.

Another important rule: Racists come in all shapes and colors. Black people can be racists too, especially when they are trained Marxists looking to grift off of racial grievances and then buy themselves million-dollar mansions.

Also, critical theory and the other kinds of left-wing secular religions that have completely captured the minds of America’s elite class are social liabilities. China’s elite completely ignores them and pursues its own interests without shame. Meanwhile, American power seems to be in eclipse.

Friendly reminder: Teachers’ unions consist largely of parasites who live off the taxpayer and don’t want to work. The COVID lockdowns revealed that abundantly.

Furthermore, never forget what Orwell said: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Since the left basically controls the media, the educational system, Hollywood, most major corporations, almost the entire government and, apparently, the military as well, this is a quote worth reflecting on in a serious way.

And last but not least, this one is for BLM and Antifa: If corporations like Pepsi and Citibank donate money to support your causes or if politicians order police to step aside and allow you to riot, you aren’t really a rebel and you aren’t fighting the system. Actually, you are part of the system.

Much more could be said, but all of this is timeless good sense in crazy times.