Michigan is struggling with an increase in the number of Covid cases, which has recently made it one of the most affected states.

Moreover, if we take the population and the number of new active cases, Michigan is the worst state in the entire US!

Just a month ago, the daily number of cases in the “Great Lake State” was at times less than a thousand, while today the situation is much more serious, and numerically almost 10 times worse!

Therefore it is not surprising that authorities in the Upper Midwest state have opted for alternative solutions that could reduce the number of infected and dead residents, and help an overcrowded hospital system that has reached a point of breaking down.

Promising data

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer said her office, in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, is beginning increased use of Monoclonal antibodies, a clinically tested and approved therapy that mimics the human immune system, increasing the chance of recovery without emergency hospitalization.

Whitmer also noted that she would use absolutely all available and validated methods of fighting the coronavirus to bring the situation under control and to save and protect as many lives as possible.

The pharmaceutical giants, Eli Lilly and Regeneror, concluded in their Monoclonal antibody therapy clinical trials that 65% of patients felt better after undergoing therapy and that less than 5% required hospitalization.

Unfortunately, mAb therapy has no significant effect in patients who have more severe forms of the disease, or are already hospitalized.

Therapy is administered by intravenous infusion and works best within the first 10 days of the onset of coronavirus symptoms.

The Michigan authorities and health officials stress that despite the positive signs of mAb treatment, the focus remains on vaccinating as many Michiganders as possible.

Many commentators and a large part of the public believe that mAb therapy is a good way to “buy” some time and remove some stress from a healthcare system that cannot keep up with a huge increase in new cases.

Trump used mAb therapy 6 months ago!

Former President Donald Trump used Regeneron mAb therapy 6 months ago, while that treatment has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Trump claimed that Regeneron did miracles for him and that he immediately felt much better.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media at the time was less concerned with the scientific side and gains of mAb therapy and reported more on the alleged friendship of former President Trump and Regeneron’s CEO.