Throughout Europe, doubts regarding the safety of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine spiraled from the media into the mouths of key politicians, such as the President of France and the Chancellor of Germany, after cases of very rare blood clots started to appear.

These two countries flip-flopped on their policies, first limiting and then banning the vaccine altogether, before returning to previous arrangements.

These doubts then vibrated back to the people of France, whose populous only has a 48% vaccine acceptance rate.

Now, vaccine doubts are starting to manifest across the United States, after 6 cases of very rare blood clots appeared in citizens who had taken the one-shot Johnson & Johnson jab.

But who caused these doubts? Hmmm… let’s blame Tucker Carlson!

Like in Europe, the media is mainly to blame for the outbreak of these vaccine doubts, a ploy that will cost the lives of thousands of Americans.

First, CBS News aired false claims regarding some of the vaccines that had been manufactured in Europe, then, YouTube began blocking videos from renowned doctors, claiming they were spreading ‘fake news’ about vaccines.

Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is walking around the joint giving statements that contradict published information, sowing distrust in the American population regarding the safety of the vaccines on offer.

However, they all blame Tucker Carlson!

The Fox News host has found himself on the end of a relentless media campaign to get him taken off the air, with the latest stunt in this campaign placing the blame on him for sowing vaccine doubts in the US.

This accusation comes from a segment from his show where he states that those who are ‘in command’ of the vaccination efforts are making statements that conflict with one another, which inevitably causes ‘confusion and doubt’ in the American population.

Yet, the left took this to mean he was questioning the safety and legitimacy of the vaccines available, an accusation that couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, a media outlet that is very popular on the left actually agrees with the statement made by Carlson!

The New York Times???

That’s right.

The New York Times actually agrees with what Carlson had to say, yet the lefty mob chose not to give them the same outrage.

In a piece run by the publisher that looks into the situation regarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the Times states that the continuing doubt over a multitude of vaccines has already ‘jeopardized’ vaccine rollouts across the world, as the poorer countries who are yet to sign their vaccination contracts watch on.

The Times, and Tucker Carlson, are right.

Those who are in power are undermining public confidence in a vaccine that is going to save countless lives, yet they press on anyway.

It has been happening across Europe, and now it is happening across the United States, all for a blood clot that happens literally once in a million.

That just leaves the question-begging, why are the media and those in power so desperate to prolong this nightmare of a pandemic?

In a word, power.