Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has quickly rushed to the forefront of a small group of governors and other political officials who are taking a stand against the COVID hysteria.

Watching the contortions and contradictions of public health officials like Anthony Fauci since the start of the pandemic has been quite a sight. It has all been more than enough to discredit the public health establishment in the eyes of any honest and alert person.

The only constant running through Fauci’s many inconsistent recommendations has been the fact that they have all been made with a keen awareness of which way the political winds are blowing and what will be most conducive to increasing Fauci’s own power and prestige.

In the midst of these recommendations, the likes of Fauci have contradicted many of the oldest and best-established principles of virology and epidemiology without giving any rationale for doing so. First, we were warned ominously about the possibility of “asymptotic spread,” even though this concept scarcely even existed before public health technocrats realized that they could use it to stoke fear. And then, as an insult to the public’s intelligence, we were told that vaccines don’t make you immune.

DeSantis, however, having met with credentialed scientists who are critical of the decision to lock down the country, has decided that he is tired of all of this nonsense and has been committed to talking sense.

Will Florida Return to Normal Soon?

At a recent press conference, DeSantis pushed back against COVID hysteria and against those who would browbeat him for easing lockdown restrictions and mask mandates in his state. He also said something that is blatantly obvious to anyone who has even the slightest idea of what vaccines are and how they work.

“If the vaccine is effective, why would you be wearing two masks? Like some of these folks are doing. It doesn’t make sense,” he said.

DeSantis continued by saying, “So, you know, my view is, if you get the vaccine, the vaccines are effective, you’re immune. And so act immune.”

All of that is perfectly obvious. There are only two conceivable reasons why anyone would tell someone who’s been vaccinated to wear any masks — let alone two — and practice social distancing. Either the person saying this is afraid that the vaccines might not work, or he simply wants to humiliate, browbeat and control people by fanning the flames of fear.

Neither of these possibilities speaks well of either the decency or the competence of political and public health authorities in America today.

Thankfully, we have people like DeSantis who are willing to pierce through the lies and manipulation.