As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, doctors and nurses have been at the forefront of those fighting to keep us healthy and save lives. And even outside of the context of COVID-19, these medical professionals have always been incredibly important, as they are among the first people we run to when we aren’t feeling well.

In celebration of the work, contributions and achievements of nurses everywhere, let us share with you a few inspiring stories of what a few nurses around this country with some sizable Instagram followings are doing.

Super Sisters

Natasha and Alisha Nanji are two twin sisters with incredibly impressive educational and medical pedigrees. They both graduated from Cornell University and are now studying together at Harvard.

Their aspirations are as selfless as their achievements are impressive. “I hope to provide better access and higher quality oral care to underserved populations both locally and globally,” Alisha says. Being a dentist, she adds, will allow her to “lend my passion for science, art and volunteering.”

Business and Pleasure

Dana Lee is both an accomplished nurse and a social media phenomenon. In fact, she has two Instagram accounts: one devoted to her nursing work and the other a personal account where she posts selfies. The two accounts combined have more than 625,000 followers.

But beyond looking fabulous, she’s a skilled cosmetic nurse injector. In other words, she helps her patients get the face, smile or body they’ve always dreamed of having.

On the Front Lines

Felicia Noelle is a nurse from LA who combines an indefatigable work ethic and a sunny disposition to keep morale high and patients healthy as the country muddles through the morass of COVID-19. Though the work is difficult, she feels honored to be able to do her part, and the fact that she’s still a rookie on the job makes her all the more impressive.

“Who would have known that five months into my nursing career I’d be on the frontline during a worldwide pandemic? Feeling so proud, humbled & blessed to be part of the healthcare profession & doing my part as an RN within my community during these tough times,” she said to her followers on Instagram.

A Mother and a Nurse

Kayla Michelle works two of the hardest jobs in the world simultaneously. She both a mother and a nurse. And yet, she’s able to do both of these things with energy and aplomb. She really is an inspiration to people anywhere.

“Ever since I could remember,” she wrote on Instagram, “my only hopes and dreams were to be a NURSE. My love for taking care of people is all I ever wanted, and my journey was difficult.” But despite that difficult journey, she has much to be proud of.

Mother-Daughter Team

Another nurse and mother, Belinda Seals, has the special pleasure of working her shifts with her own daughter by her side.

Her daughter Brianna also happens to be a social media sensation with more than 250,000 Instagram followers. Together, they are an unstoppable mother-daughter team.

To Belinda, the whole experience is still surreal. “Who would’ve thought I’d be orientating my daughter on her first night shift as a nurse!” she said.