Amid the COVID19 pandemic, the National Center for Biotechnology Information financed by the National Institutes of Health has conducted a series of studies to test the efficiency of wearing masks.

According to a hypothesis posted by Dr. Baruch Vainshelboim who is a cardiologist and a veteran at the Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA, masks do nothing in terms of blocking the spread of coronavirus.

On the contrary, Vainshelboim suggests that the mandatory mask mandate might support the surge in COVID 19 cases!

Consequently, thousands referred to the fact that Texas and Mississippi, the first two countries to lift the mask mandate, witness a decrease in the percentage of newly infected people.

The NCBI study left unpublished by most leftist media!

The most surprising fact is that although the National Center for Biotechnology posted this study on the official website, none of the big news channels reported on the Stanford University findings.

Although Dr. Baruch Vaishenhelboim and other researchers managed to prove that the mask mandate doesn’t help in stopping the spread, a survey conducted by DuckDuckGo suggests that most mainstream media left this matter unattended.

There are a few reports of users who posted the article on Twitter and Facebook only to have their accounts suspended!

However, Dr. Baruch Vainshelboim and his team didn’t shy away from listing all the adverse effects related to mandatory mask-wearing, despite fears that Big Tech has begun to silence the scientific community as well.

Accordingly, they point out that the most common health consequences are headaches, hypertension, anxiety, health deterioration as well as an increased risk for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Among the psychological effects, Vainshelboim focuses on fear, chronic stress condition, fatigue, and the activation of the so-called fight or flight syndrome.

Lastly, the Stanford Study warns the health organizations that the mask mandate triggers adverse physiological effects including hypoxemia, acidity, toxicity, inflammation, increase in cortisol/noradrenaline, and most importantly, immunosuppression.

Stop promoting unscientific methods!

The study suggests that wearing facemasks has been globally proclaimed as the most efficient way for reducing transmission without any medical evidence.

Vaishelboim’s team points out that in the past year only thousands of people have reported adverse effects as a result of wearing medical or non-medical facemasks.

The team of researchers continues with evidence that it can trigger a series of psychological and physiological effects, contributing to chronic diseases and premature death.

The study is concluded by suggesting that the administration and the health organizations should promote scientifically backed methods instead of supporting a controversial global prevention trend.