The National Institutes of Health have revealed that more than 500 scientists funded by the federal government have been compromised!

In their address to the Senate committee, health officials said that the Chinese, as well as other governments, have tried to corrupt U.S.-funded scientists in order to steal intellectual property.

And they succeeded!

The Justice Department got involved in the case, accusing one of the scientists, Mingqing Xiao, of receiving funding from the Chinese government that began in 2018, while he obtained federal funding as well.

China is interested in everything - from corn growth to fighting cancer

NIH deputy director for extramural research, Dr. Lauer, stated that more than 90% of the investigated scientists were compromised!

Among them is Song Guo Zheng, a researcher who used federal funding in excess of $ 4 million to improve Chinese knowledge on various medical topics.

Zheng pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing.

However, bribery isn’t the only method China used to get data and technology that would place them alongside the US in terms of global leadership, as Chinese hackers tried to get their hands on US COVID-19 research on numerous occasions since the pandemic started.

The situation escalated completely when former President Trump decided to deal with Chinese espionage, which eventually led to the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, and further straining of already strained relations.

USA does not have a system that would prevent such cases in the future. Yet.

However, the situation is more complicated in academic and research scientific institutions, where there is no competent body to control and sanction possible interference of other governments in their work.

State agencies, which normally deal with information control and intellectual property protection, claim that they have no responsibility over universities, and that scientific institutions should carry out internal controls instead.

Yet, universities claim they do not have the experience or knowledge needed to deal with the counterintelligence agencies of other countries, so it is clear that one such agency is more than needed.

Lisa Aguirre, the head of the U.S. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said that her team, in collaboration with the government and private sector companies, is working on a campaign to preserve “science awareness and bioeconomy awareness.”

While Trump, in addition to the wall on the southern border, was also building a wall that protected U.S. intellectual property, Biden decided to open the doors, allowing enemies to use American money and American intelligence to their advantage.

Let’s pretend we’re not surprised …