Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb has called for the US to begin lifting more Covid restrictions, claiming that states need to ‘lean more aggressively forward’ now that the vaccine rollout has picked up and cases continue to fall.

He made the statement whilst appearing for a Squawk Box interview, as the US awaits the release of a CDC report that will update Covid guidance on a number of restrictions, including wearing masks outside.

The release of this update is highly anticipated, especially after Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted on ABC News that there is a ‘very, very low risk’ of catching Covid outside, stating that not wearing masks outside was ‘common sense,’ a point Republicans such as Tucker Carlson have been making since the pandemic began.

Gottlieb’s interview

Throughout his interview, Gottlieb would state the obvious, yet the obvious needs to be emphasized in these times since the mainstream media is doing everything in their power to make the covid crisis last, for whatever reason.

He stated that states are cautious with their lockdown easement as they believe it will lead to a rise in cases and deaths once again, however, real-time data coming from states such as Texas suggest that this caution is no longer necessary.

The Lone Star State released ALL restrictions at the beginning of March, with many so-called experts like Dr. Fauci predicting cases would soar.

The opposite happened, and cases and deaths in the state have continued to decline throughout April.

This live field study has led the likes of Gottlieb to call for the US to ‘lean more aggressively forward’ when lifting restrictions and lockdowns.

He stated that he believes it’s time for states to lift their outdoor mask mandates and claims that the country has reached a point where there will not be another wave of Covid infections once all restrictions are lifted.

Common sense?

Alas, common sense may finally be prevailing across the US, despite the antics of President Joe Biden, who was recorded wearing a mask whilst attending a virtual meeting of world leaders over the weekend.

However, why has it taken so long for so many ‘experts’ to finally come to their senses?

This is a question that has been over the last few months by many Republicans, including Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who has faced fierce opposition from the left for simply speaking the truth.

Now that the vaccination program has picked up, the nature of common sense may be about to come to the forefront of Covid-19 policy, and maybe Americans will finally be able to get on with their lives once again.