Back at the beginning of 2020, many conservatives, who rightly blamed China for the initial outbreak of Covid-19, believed that the virus was actually created in a laboratory environment and was then released to the world.

Of course, anyone who held this belief was labeled as a crazy, racist, conspiracy theorist by the left and the leftist media, however, these claims have started to gain some substance, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci is involved!

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky confronted Fauci on the issue of ‘Gain of Function’ research between the US and Wuhan, where he accuses the doctor of funding the research.

However, a Fox News report revealed the truth.

The report

Steve Hilton, the host of Fox News’ The Revolution, unloaded the facts onto his viewers regarding the origin of the Covid-19 virus and stated that Dr. Fauci was going to need ‘friends in high places’ after his report had concluded.

Hilton swiftly went through the history of coronavirus stating that, ten years ago, scientists in the Netherlands were able to manipulate a novel virus, that had been injected in ferrets, to such a degree until it mutated to be able to be transmissible in the air.

This allowed the process of ‘Gain of Function’ research to be born, which was designed to engineer the most contagious and deadly viruses in a lab in order to understand how we could fight them in the future.

According to Hilton’s report, Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, was one of the key contributors to the research, with The Wuhan Institute of Virology leading the studies of the Covid virus.

He stated that Fauci directly funded the original research in ferrets ten years ago, and he even wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post at the time, where he stated that this type of research was a ‘risk worth taking.’

Now, the Obama Administration introduced a blanket ban on Gain of Function research in 2014, due to the deadly consequences of a mutated super-virus escaping a laboratory environment.

However, according to Hilton, Fauci continued to fund this research elsewhere, sending $3 million in the course of 6 years to Peter Daszak, a zoologist at the Eco Health Alliance.

Daszak was the first scientist to discover the origins of the SARS pandemic over ten years ago, and he allegedly ‘subcontracted’ the Gain of Function research that was taking place at the Wuhan Institute, all under Fauci’s funding.

Hilton then goes on to mention papers from the Wuhan Institute that were co-authored by Daszak, which revealed the true extent of their experiments.

According the papers, they collected feces from bats in China which contained the novel coronavirus.

From there, they injected human cells with it, allowing the virus to create the doorway into infecting humans, the very same doorway that the current Covid-19 virus now uses.

All funded by Dr. Fauci.

The evidence contained within this report is damming, and if you’re going to do one thing today, you should watch Hilton’s full report on the issue and the true extent of the experiments that Dr. Fauci funded.

He has a lot to answer for, not just to the American public, but to the entire world.