After the last year and a half of the pandemic, many people have become accustomed to the CDC and politicians telling us what to do and how to live our lives, a overstretch that never should’ve been allowed to happen.

Yet, it did, and here we are now.

However, the CDC and President Joe Biden are continuously offering ever-changing rules regarding masks, which makes it all a bit confusing for many Americans to keep up with.

Now, President Biden has seemingly tapped into his inner dictator, after he posted a rather frightening and invasive tweet on this issue from the official POTUS account.

The Land of the Free?

On Thursday, the CDC decided to, once again, alter their ever-changing guidance on masks.

This time, they finally admitted to the one thing that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of basic science understands; that a fully vaccinated person does not need to wear a mask against Covid.

Is this a sign of sanity and common sense finally returning to the United States?

Of course not.

As we all know, President Biden and his team are absolutely obsessed with mask-wearing.

One of the President’s first orders in office was to set out a federal mask mandate.

However, the CDC is finally disagreeing with him, yet he continues to indulge his obsession.

A CNN reporter asked White House adviser Andy Slavitt why the President continues to wear a mask indoors, given the fact that he and all those around him in government and beyond are fully vaccinated.

The reporter argued that it sends a mixed message to the American public, but Slavitt simply replied by saying that the President was a ‘very important man.’

Now, the President has taken his mask obsession a step too far, a step that infringes on the basic rights of the American public.

After the CDC’s announcement, the President took to the official POTUS Twitter account to declare that American’s now face a simple choice; get fully vaccinated or continue wearing a mask.

His statement came across as rather dictatorial, and quite frankly scary.

The sitting President of the United States admitting to the world that if Americans don’t take a vaccination, then they have to continue wearing masks like caged-up animals.

This violates basic fundamental rights in the US, as a citizen should have the choice and the privacy to undergo any medical treatment they wish.

Yet, the President claims that it is now the ‘rule,’ that Americans must either have a vaccination or stay masked up.

So much for the land of the free.