Biden Gives Stern Warning to Americans About COVID-19 Vaccine

President Joe Biden is putting on his grandfather hat to give a stern warning to Americans who have not yet chosen to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. In an address on Monday at the White House, the president warned the nation that unvaccinated people will pay the price if they choose to forego the vaccine.

Latest on the Pandemic and Vaccines

According to Biden himself, COVID-19 deaths are down 81%, marking the lowest level since April of 2020. However, Biden is warning that this downward trend may not hold if Americans do not do their part.

Vaccine interest has plummeted in recent weeks, leading many health and government officials to get creative in their approach to convincing people to get onboard with the vaccination.

For example, the state of Ohio is entering those who get vaccinated into a chance to win $1 million.

Other companies are giving out free beer, donuts, or other giveaways as a prize for getting the vaccine.

An incentive such as the possibility of a winning lottery ticket has to be a better idea than Biden’s approach of strong-arming people to get the shot.

Uncertainties Surrounding the Vaccine

There is still a great amount of uncertainty surrounding the vaccine. Health professionals still do not know if the COVID-19 vaccine will be an annual shot, similar to a seasonal flu immunization.

People may end up needing a booster shot to extend the efficacy of the vaccine. All of this means that the government will need to continue to sell the vaccine to Americans in the months to come.