Increase in Vaccinations Allowing Country to Reopen

The number of vaccinated Americans is increasing daily as more people race to get their hands on the coveted shot. It is the rapid acceleration of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution that is being credited for the dramatic drop in confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

However, not everyone is rushing to get the shot in their arms. It is this hesitancy by millions that will likely hold the world back from achieving herd immunity.

Reasons for Vaccine Hesitancy Include Magnet Test Videos

There is no shortage of reasons why many people are foregoing the COVID-19 vaccine, some valid and some not so reasonable. The influx of COVID-19 vaccine magnet viral videos is certainly not helping.

What Is the Magnet Test?

During the videos, people try to prove that there are microchips in the vaccine by showing magnets sticking to arms at the site of the vaccination. Experts caution that everyone should take these videos with a grain of salt.

It is impossible to even know if the arms used in the videos have received the vaccine. It is also impossible to know if the magnet is truly being drawn to the arm.

Why These Videos Are Dangerous

These videos are dangerous because they continue to promote conspiracies that the vaccine contains metal or other harmful ingredients. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), none of the three vaccines approved for emergency use in the US contain any type of materials that could be construed as metal.

However, the magnet videos continue to gain a wide following, with some of the clips garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers.