Mask mandates and COVID lockdown restrictions are finally beginning to be significantly eased in at least some states.

Texas and Florida have been at the forefront of this push, having abolished mask mandates and allowed ordinary social gatherings of all kinds to resume, but a few other red states are doing so as well.

The state of Iowa has just added its name to that list.

Iowa Opens Up

On May 20, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill called SF847 into law. This bill bans local entities of all kinds in the state, including school districts, from issuing mask mandates. City and county governments across the state are also prohibited from issuing such mandates.

The only exception is for local governments, who may still promulgate mask mandates, but only for those who are on public property.

Given how severely children have been damaged by COVID lockdowns — despite being virtually invulnerable to the virus and extremely unlikely to spread it — the bill also contains some provisions that expand education. Specifically, the bill makes it easier for charter schools to operate in Iowa by expanding open enrollment and opportunity tax credits for students.

The bill passed by a vote of 53 to 35 in the Iowa House and by a vote of 29 to 17 in the Iowa Senate.

Even more encouraging is that businesses in Iowa are refusing to harass people for not wearing masks.

People may wear them if they please, but no establishment will get bent out of shape if they don’t. This all comes as even major nationwide retailers like Walmart have announced that, though they will only technically allow vaccinated people to go maskless on their premises, they will not bother asking people whether or not they have been vaccinated.

It is extremely encouraging to see that things are finally on the road to normality in the Hawkeye State.

We should always bear in mind that as recently as 2019 if a state had decided to do what Iowa has just done — that is, allow its citizens to live normal lives — no one would have considered the matter to be worthy of comment. It would have been too obvious and droll to even elicit a reaction from people beyond a simple, “Of course.”

And yet, the usual suspects everywhere — from left-wing politicians and propagandists in the media to the many millions of people who have been turned into pathological maniacs by those propagandists over issues like masking and COVID vaccination — are now loudly and obnoxiously decrying what Iowa has done.