The mainstream media has been relentlessly screaming for the last year that the idea that the virus which causes COVID-19 may have been manufactured in a lab is a “conspiracy theory,” despite this actually being a more than reasonable hypothesis,

They have insisted that this claim has been “debunked” by scientists.

But absolutely no aspect of that is true. As veteran science writer Nicholas Wade has shown in a recent piece on the lab leak theory, that claim has not been thoroughly or conclusively disproven in any scientifically respectable manner. It remains a live option.

Since we now know beyond all doubt that the media, and the politicians and public health experts who give dictation to the media, have been utterly lying to the public about this subject for more than a year, a serious investigation into the true origins of the Wuhan virus is more than warranted.

The Trump Administration attempted to conduct such an investigation, but, in a move that should shock no one who knows anything about the kinds of financial ties between the Biden family and the Chinese government, the Biden Administration has totally quashed that investigation.

Propaganda and Power

The egregiously shameful and uncritical attitude of the mainstream media toward “scientific authorities” really deserves comment. It’s worth pausing for a bit to explain how the lab leak theory came to be said to be “debunked.”

A group of five scientists wrote a letter on March 17, 2020, claiming that there’s no way that the Wuhan virus could have been the product of deliberate genetic manipulation. But they only offered two very weak arguments for this conclusion.

One is that the virus binds to human cells in a way that abstract calculations suggest is not absolutely perfect. This is a totally strained argument since there’s no reason why manipulations should match hypothetical calculations.

The other is that since the virus replicates using RNA instead of DNA, researchers in a lab would have to use something called a “DNA backbone” to manipulate the virus. They would then have to translate the DNA backbone into RNA. Since there are only a few cases of that ever happening, it was decided that the virus couldn’t have been made in a lab. But this ignores the fact that there are other techniques by which to genetically engineer viruses.

Journalists, who, as a rule, do not understand anything about genetic engineering or virology, then repeated these claims like dumb parrots and amplified them everywhere. There’s a lesson in this: Don’t believe anything those people say.

Now, they have all been proven to be either fools or deliberate liars, though anyone who was paying attention would have known this a year ago.

Since the virus could have been made in a lab, the claim that it is a bioweapon should be seriously investigated.

But according to reports, the Biden Administration has stopped all Trump-era probes to that effect. Biden Administration officials claim that they did this because they were concerned that the quality of the work done by the probe and the kind of evidence it has gathered were sub-standard.

But we all know the real reason.